Why Collaborate

10 Benefits of Being Involved in Research

The Social Media and Adolescent Health Research Team has a bright history of collaborating with various non-profits, research centers, and organizations. We are always searching for new ways to tackle social media and adolescent health. Here are just 10 benefits of being involved in Research with the SMAHRTeam:

1 Share Your Knowledge

Help researchers by contributing your knowledge on issues that are relevant to the population you serve.

2 Improve Health Outcomes

Meaningful dissemination of research findings to community members can help improve community health outcomes.

3 Acquire New Skills

Get an opportunity to acquire new skills including recruitment, data collection, interpretation, and translation of research into practice.

4 Incorporate Acquired Skills

Play a direct role in a research project and help translate research findings into practice.

5 Evaluate Services You Provide

Research Participants may provide insight such as strengths and weaknesses from their perspective.

6 Network!

Collaborating on research projects creates partnerships and a network in which other opportunities may evolve.

7 Learn About Research

Learn how the research process works.

8 Improve Use of Resources

Research Results can guide effective quality management, efficiency, and resource allocation.

9 Gain Perspective

Gather expert insight on controversial and relevant issues from a wide field of healthcare professionals.

10 Secure More Funding

Research results can help provide funding for new resources and are useful for grant applications.

Rinse and Repeat!

If you’re interested in collaborating with us, contact us by emailing: smahrt@pediatrics.wisc.edu