SMAHRT has contributed to almost 100 research publications. Here are a select few, organized according to our core research areas.

Core 1: Technology use and misuse

Moreno MA, Jelenchick LA, Koff R, Eikhoff JE, Diermyer C, Christakis DA.  Internet Use and Multitasking Among Older Adolescents: An Experience Sampling Approach.  Journal of Computers and Human Behavior.  2012;4:1097-1102.


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Core 2: Online safety

Selkie ES, Kota R, Moreno MA. Cyberbullying Behaviors Among Female College Students: Witnessing, Perpetration, and Victimization. College student journal. In press.


Selkie EM, Fales JL, Moreno MA. Cyberbullying Prevalence Among US Middle and High School-Aged Adolescents: A Systematic Review and Quality Assessment. Journal of Adolescent Health. 2015 [epub ahead of print].


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Core 3: Social media

Moreno MA, Arseniev-Koehler A, Litt D, Christakis DA. Evaluating college students’ displayed alcohol references on Facebook and Twitter. Journal of Adolescent Health. 2016. Published online March 22, 2016.


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Sex, Drugs ‘n Facebook

This book, authored by Dr. Megan Moreno and published in 2013, provides advice to parents when it comes to crucial conversations with their teenage children about healthy internet use. For more, visit the Sex Drugs ‘n Facebook website.

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