Research Cores

The majority of our team’s work focuses on the following three SMAHRT research cores:

Core 1: Technology Use and Misuse
SMAHRT Research Core
SMAHRT analyzing Technology Use

The purpose of the technology use and misuse research core is to explore how technology use interacts with health outcomes relevant to adolescents and young adults, and to develop innovative methods for assessing technology use which can be used in research and clinical settings.


Projects within this SMAHRT research core focus on the measurement of technology use in general and measurements and analyses of Problematic Internet Use (PIU) in particular. For more on our technology use and misuse research core, read our systematic review of PIU.

Core 2: Online Safety

The purpose of these projects is to investigate key issues in online safety, and t056o provide adolescents and their families with sound and relevant education on safe internet use in a meaningful and appealing manner. Towards this goal, we apply a transdisciplinary approach, which combines elements of public health, education, and consumer science.


Projects within this SMAHRT research core include education and prevention approaches to internet safety and research on cyberbullying. For more on our online safety core, read our study on internet safety education.

Core 3: Social Media

033Previous studies indicate consuming traditional media like TV can affect a viewer’s behaviors. Because social media data is both created and consumed by users, it is thought that sites such as Facebook may have an even greater influence than TV. The power of this media’s persuasion cannot be underestimated among adolescents and young adults.


Projects within this SMAHRT research core share the common goal of understanding displayed health behaviors on social media sites, and considering new ways to provide prevention and intervention programs using social media.For more on our social media research core, read our study of online alcohol displays.