Team Members

Aubrey Gower
Aubrey joined the team in October 2014 as an Undergraduate Research Volunteer. She recently graduated from the University of Washington in June 2017 earning her degrees in both Biology and Psychology with a minor in Classics. She currently hopes to pursue medicine with interest in adolescent medicine and underserved communities. Her research interests include, substance use and problematic internet use among adolescents.
Marina Jenkins
Marina joined the team in October of 2016 as an Undergraduate Research Volunteer in Seattle, and is now on the staff in Wisconsin as an Associate Research Specialist. She graduated from the University of Washington with a major in Human Evolutionary Biology and minor in Comparative Literature in Winter of 2017. She will be attending the University of Wisconsin, Madison for graduate school in Population Health Sciences in Fall of 2018. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in epidemiology research. She is interested in how social media can allow for a new and interesting way of observing health behaviors in adolescents unlike other forms of data gathering, particularly in how they perceive the behaviors of their peers on social media.
Brad Kerr
Brad Kerr, MS joined the SMAHRT as a research coordinator in 2011. Brad graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2010 with a degree in Psychology and English and finished his Masters in Higher Education Administration in 2013. He has contributed to several projects, including evaluating displayed alcohol references on Facebook profiles, as well as exploring ways in which college students use social media to communicate with their parents. Brad is also excited to begin a new project investigating how training can be improved for undergraduate research assistants and clinical research coordinators working on research teams.
Kole Binger
Kole joined the SMAHRT team in November of 2017 as an Associate Research Specialist. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in May of 2017 with a BS in Biology. Kole plans to apply for Medical School and focus on her interests of adolescent health care and pediatric to adult transitional care. Her research interests include, problematic drinking behavior and social media use in adolescents. Additionally, she is interested in how technology can be used to improve communication and health care provided to adolescents.
Ting An Lai
Reese Hyzer
Reese joined the team in January of 2018 as an Undergraduate Research Intern. She is a senior majoring in Psychology and earning certificates in Gender and Women’s Studies and Global Health. Reese plans on going onto graduate school for a degree in School Psychology. She is interested in how social media affects the psychical and psychosocial health of adolescents.
Sophia Schmidt
Sophia is a junior at UW-Madison, majoring in Biology and Community and Nonprofit Leadership. She started with the SMAHRT team in fall 2017 because she is interested in research and public health. She will graduate in spring 2019 and hopes to go to medical school in the future.
Maggie Bushman
Maggie is Junior at UW-Madison, majoring in Strategic Communications. She began as SMAHRT's Communications Intern in January 2017. She joined SMAHRT because she is passionate about integrating the health care industry and the communications field. Upon graduation in May 2019, Maggie plans on continuing to work in Health Communications in order to help others.
Jon D'Angelo
Jon is currently working on a PhD dissertation in Communication Arts at UW-Madison.