SMAHRT’s Youth Advisory Board


SMAHRT research focuses on adolescent and young adult health. Through the Youth Advisory Board (YAB), SMAHRT is able to gather youth and young adults perspectives on proposed, ongoing and completed research projects. SMAHRT YAB is committed to incorporating skill building and leadership develop for its board members.
Ema Bargeron
I'm a rising Junior at UPrep. Over the summer I was part of the Summer Scholars program, which was an awesome opportunity to learn more about research. This was where I learned that people often have careers that involve practicing medicine and research, both being things that I am interested. I'm very excited to have the opportunity to learn more about what health research looks like!
Abigail Chen
"Hi! I'm Abigail Chen, and I'm currently a senior at King's High School. I have been leaning towards a research-based career all throughout high school, and I was so glad that I got the chance to participate in this SCRI Summer Scholars program! Through this program, I have gained so much insight on the different research fields, and it was a wonderful way for me to decide whether or not research was something that I would like to pursue as a career and in college. Thank you SMAHRT for giving me the great opportunity to collaborate with my fellow peers who all were interested in research. It was an amazing experience!"
Angel Cheung
I am a senior from Kentridge High School. I am currently interested in both the practice and research of psychiatry and I hope to pursue it as a career. Participating in the SCRI Summer Scholars program has allowed me to expand my knowledge of different types of research applications in various fields. The issues of adolescent health and social media became apparent as all of the Summer Scholars worked towards individual research projects that covered many of these issues today. Working alongside my peers and the SMAHRT team has helped create a hands-on experience in a research environment. I can only hope that my future plans to pursue psychiatry will be as positive as my experience working with SMAHRT.
Margo Nanneman
"I feel like technology drastically impacts and influences everyone in this world. I am especially interested in how this new invention of social media affects teenager's views of themselves. I am a junior studying Psychology and BioMed at Nikola Tesla STEM High School in Redmond."
Christine Nguyen
I'm currently a junior in high school who is trying to find her place in the world. I don't know my path, but attending Summer Scholars has allowed me to see the world a little differently and get a glimpse at what I'd like to pursue. I'm interested in creating a positive, healthy lifestyle, so I hope to work with SMAHRT to find out where unhealthy habits form online, learn how to prevent them, and spread the knowledge.
Danny Pham
Danny Pham is a senior at Kentwood High school and is heavily-interested in mathematics. His career-goals for the future are still tentative, but he enjoys teaching others. He plans to participate in further research programs during his undergraduate years.
Megan Stein
" I am currently a psychology student at Western Washington University and aspiring researcher. I hope to be able to make waves in the future of treatment of mental disorders and other mental impairments, as well as study the effects of our ever expanding electronic worlds on the individual and society."
Varsha Veeramacheneni
"Participating in the 2015 SCRI Scholars Program was the highlight of my summer; I gained so much exposure to the various fields of medical research, and even had the opportunity to conduct my own mini-research project under the guidance of the amazing SMAHRT researchers! I now have a great passion for the field of research and currently intern at the Institute of Systems Biology in Seattle. Additionally, along with two classmates, I am conducting a research project on the effects of Social Media on stress levels for the Central Sound Regional Science and Engineering Fair after being inspired by my experience at SMAHRT."
Kyle Yu
"I am a junior at Mercer Island High School with strong interests in chemistry, as well as geography and technology. The SCRI Summer Scholars program was definitely an inspiring experience to me as it has expanded the way I view social media and health research. It amazes me just how efficiently we can see trends and conduct further studies on a spectrum of issues that face adolescents and young adults today."