Below is a list of various SMAHRT resources provided for you by our team for parents, adolescents and researchers alike.

SMAHRT YouTube channel:

The Excellence in Pediatrics Institute’s Parent Talks by Dr. Megan Moreno feature a series of short clips on providing advice, suggestions, answers, and knowledge to parents with questions concerning the use of social media and the health of their adolescent children. Topics vary from possible side effects of using social media to the appropriate age for children to be active on social media.


For more SMAHRT video resources, watch Steps of the Research Process and Conference talks, or visit our SMAHRT YouTube channel.


JAMA Pediatrics

Dr. Moreno writes a monthly column for the Journal of the American Medical Association, where she provides advice to patients on a wide range of topics, from cyberbullying to indoor tanning.

Bullying occurs throughout the world and can happen at many stages in the life course, from childhood to adolescence and even to adulthood. While traditional schoolyard bullying still exists, in recent years, the Internet has provided a new platform for bullying.

— Dr. Moreno on cyberbullying

For more articles visit the JAMA Pediatrics website.


Seattle Children’s On the Pulse

The SMAHRTeam’s research has been featured frequently on Seattle Children’s Hospital blogs. Topics range from research on Facebook and college students’ alcohol dependence, to studies on how responsibility on Facebook influences drinking, to also research on how to measure problematic internet use among teens.


For more articles visit Seattle Children’s On the Pulse and Teenology 101.


Sex, Drugs, n’ Facebook


Today parents are facing many challenges with their kids in relation to cyberbullying, sexting, porn, and problematic internet use. Dr. Moreno’s book Sex, Drugs, ‘n Facebook strives to guide parents through conversations on these key areas of improvement.

Book Chapters

The research done by Dr. Megan Moreno and the SMAHRTeam has been featured in chapters of various textbooks. From topics ranging from social networking to adolescent and young adult health, our work in social media and adolescent health can be applied to a variety of different disciplines.

Our work has been featured in a few textbooks, such as:

Neinstein’s Adolescent and Young Adult Health Care, by Lawrence Neinstein, Debra Katzman, Todd Callahan, Catherine Gordon, Alain Joffe and Vaughn Rickert. We can be found in the chapter on Technology and Social Media.

Wiley Handbook of Psychology, Technology and Society, edited by Dr. Larry Rosen, Dr. Nancy Cheever, and Dr. Mark Carrier.

The Psychology of Social Networking Vol. 1: Personal Experience in Online Communities, by Giuseppe Riva, Brenda K. Wiederhold and Pietro Cipresso.

Full access for “The Psychology of Social Networking Vol. 1: Personal Experience in Online Communities can be found by clicking the above link, however, the chapters you can find Dr. Megan Moreno and SMAHRT in can be accessed through these links:

Chapter 10: Ethical and Regulatory Considerations For Social Media Research, by Megan Moreno, Natalie Goniu, Peter Moreno and Doug Diekema.

Chapter 11: Media Theories and the Facebook Influence Model, by Megan A. Moreno and Rosalind Koff.

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